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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meet LUST This Friday!

Book 5 of my on going Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family series with Muse It Up Publishing hits the virtual storefronts this Friday December 2- and it all keeps getting more and more twisted, disturbing, and vampire juicinessesy as the months continue! 
Here's our official blurb on how saucy vampires will turn 1955 on its head and go deep into the bloody gutter:

The Sundowner offers steamy Welshire vampires Jessica, Pamela, and Slava for underground vampire sex and biting fetishes in this mid-century tale from Professor James. Victoria’s twin brother James, however, is content with his gig as piano player at the club owned by their brother Stephen. James’ own love Catrina is the alluring singer at The Sundowner, but can he keep his longtime vampire companion away from the tempting, exciting young clientele?
We're Live Friday!  I know I said it before, but it bears repeating.  Take a gander at our Muse preview page, and hey, while you're there, pick yourself up some of that Love, Punishment, Struggle, or Debauchery from our previous Fate and Fangs releases for the holidays!
 Also, don't forget to scoop out our latest virtual tour stops with Margaret West and Roseanne Dowell! Both conversations should be live on Monday. While you wait for the Lust and chattery, check out our previous interviews with Margaret and Roseanne!
I'm curious, which kind of vampire would you be?  The decadent reveling it up like Victoria from Fate and Fangs Book 4, Debauchery? Or would you be the sullen anti the bloodsucking family business like James for Lust? 

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