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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rising from the Dark Deluge for a FATE and FANGS CONTEST!

As I'm sure many of my fellow spooky friends are also re-birthing from the wrath of Hurricane Irene, now seems like a good time for some pre-Fall vampy cheer! Contest, anyone?

 Join us on The Vampire Family Facebook page tonight for a chance to win a few treats from our sequel series FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family.

A free pdf copy of Book 1 Love: Ann and the Viking- available now from Muse It Up Publishing- will be up for treat. But wait!  We're also tossing an ecopy of Book 2!  Punishment: Lilith's Trials can be yours before its September 2 street date from Muse It Up!

Can't wait?  Don't want to test your luck? Shop Now or gander at an excerpt here:

Love: Ann and the Viking $2.50

Book 1 is also now available at Smash Words!

And of course Kindle!

Punishment: Lilith's Trials $.99!

In Professor James’ second tale, we share in the pain, suffering, and torment of the Welshire Vampire Family’s beautiful but deadly rival Lilith.  Her mysterious, vile nature and fantastical abuses are put on trial as the demonic advocate Mestiphles plays judge, jury, and executioner from his wicked Void of darkness and pain.  Is it wrong to delight in the just, even deserving torture Lilith receives? Will she learn and apply the cruel lesson Mestiphles teaches?


If you can't catch up with your FATE and FANGS tonight, no fear!  We have plenty more contest planned throughout the series' releases.  And  you can always can us anytime day or night- but mostly at night- at any of our usual haunts.

Ghastly fans can also find me at the decidedly ghoulish new social website, GHOUL TOOL!  Hopefully we will be scheduling a few chats with several of my fellow scary Eternal Press and Muse It Up Authors.

If you missed our interview with Chastity Bush, you can still stop by and follow her blog, too.

Before all the crazy floods and tropical torment, I also took part in the New Jersey Authors Network's panel on Getting Published at the Cinnaminson Library.  It was awesome!  There was just the right number of authors on the panel and guests looking for tricks of the trade for it to be casual and fun!  Another event is scheduled in Cinnaminson September 17, but my next live NJAN event will be the double bill Saturday October 15 at the Moorestown and Voorhees Libraries.  Visit the NJAN website for a complete list of upcoming treats!

Virtually, you can find a little Love and Punishment just about everywhere!

9/2 Punishment Release Day at the Muse It Up Readers Group
9/8 Fangtastic Books Guest Day
9/12 Blog Day with Beth Ann Masarik

9/14  9 p.m. Live Chat at Two Lips
9/20 9 p.m. Muse Authors Live Chat at Coffee Time Romance

Night Owl Romance Fans can also find us this month in their new monthly Magazine!  Woot.  Much more to come and this has become quite a long post with lots of little lists and linkies so I'll just stop there!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where to Buy FATE and FANGS!

Hello Hello my little vampy vixens!

Are you worried you missed out on our guest spots for Love: Ann and the Viking, Book 1 in the new FATE and FANGS series from Muse It Up Publishing?  Did you think you can't chat it up with us on Facebook because our Release Day has come and gone? Gasp! Do you think you can't get FATE and FANGS in the ebook format you need?

Hogwash, witch's warts, and evil toads, NO!

You CAN find us again Friday August 19 for an exclusive interview with Chastity Bush!

MEET WITH ME, Kristin, and fellow New Jersey Authors Jon Gibbs, Mickey Flagg, and Wally Eckoff  7 P.M. WEDNESDAY AUGUST 24 at the Cinnaminson Library, 1619 Riverton Road for a special 'Getting Published' symposium

Kindle? Check. Sony? Check. The Love: Ann and the Viking ebook format for any desire!

Muse It Up
Amazon Kindle

Coffee Time Romance

Book Strand

All Romance E Books
While you're at it, Fanging it up for your Kindle and all, don't forget to spice up your science fiction with a read from our fellow NJ author Leigh Wood!

And just think, there's More to come!And of course, you can always, ALWAYS chat it up at any of our magical Facebook links, blogs, livejournal, feeds, fan, friends, LIKE LIKE LIKE, BUY BUY BUY!

Join us! No blood necessary for the participation in any Vampire Family events.  Yet!

Monday, August 8, 2011

TWO FATE and FANGS Interviews This Week!

Hello my anti-sunshine friends!

This week in the vampy virtual FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family tour, we have not one, but TWO interviews discussing Love: Ann and the Viking, Book 1 in my new series from Muse It Up Publishing!

Today all day Monday August 8, join us at Ravencraft's Romance Realm 

And Tomorrow Tuesday August 9, we're spending the day with Paranormal Author Margaret West

Don't forget you can find all our FATE and FANGS appearances and events on our Yahoo Page and in Facebook land. Our next interview will be August 19 with Chastity Bush.  If you are in the Cinnaminson, New Jersey area, also stop by 7 p.m. August 24 for the New Jersey Authors Network's seminar on Getting Published!

Congrats also to Stacey A. Smith, contest winner of our FATE and FANGS Release Day Facebook Event! Look for more prizes at our upcoming chats and appearances.  New events are being added DAILY, including....

9/14 9 p.m. Two Lips Reviews Chat

9/20 9 p.m. Coffee Time Romance Chat

September Interviews at Night Owl, Fangtastic Books, and Fallen Angels

October Appearances include New Jersey Authors Network panels at the Moorestown and Voorhees, New Jersey libraries and Muse Online Workshops

The Vampire Family is a busy little brood!  Pick up a copy of our original novel with Eternal Press in ebook or paperback formats or enter the world of FATE and FANGS with LOVE!

Which would YOU Choose? Love, Fate, or Fangs?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Love: Ann and the Viking On Sale NOW!

Forward by Professor A. James
In 1975 I acquired a collection of antique, but damaged manuscripts after a mysterious fire beguiled the dim British authorities for four years.  Somewhere along the frontier between England and Wales, in a crumbled vault beneath a burned mansion; dozens of leather bound journals, diaries, and books were rescued.  Their contents were fantastical: histories, ages of vampiric accounts, coven wars, and abstract chronicles. The police, of course, uneducated in such matters of the occult or the unexplained, found the material rubbish against their modern case in need of evidence and forensics.
Fortunately, in my subsequent studies and adventures, I have found that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. You must forgive me the cliché, but my analysis and preservation of these personal antiquities has brought me to new heights of bizarrity, both on the page and in the flesh.  I thought I was a wise, aware professor knowing beyond the day-to-day world before I came to read of this twisted Vampire Family.   My pride was in err. 
After several lengthy years of study and a very slow restoration process on the oldest documents, I succumbed to an offer of assistance from a student named Theodore Plunkett.  A scholar of ancient languages, Theodore’s detailed list of degrees and credentials were too numerous for his youthful appearance.  His intelligence was vast; yet he was a personal master at comprehending and restoring the fantastic tales of Antonio Welshire and his mad family’s descent into the dark world of vampirism.  From patriarch Antonio’s brutal human days to the coven’s near destruction by the rival Lilithan vampires and the ambiguous Mestiphles’ meddling appearances and disappearances; this Vampire Family’s history is very well documented through some centuries and bare and bleak in others. Some journals are utterly disturbing in their tales of blood and mayhem while other diaries are strangely heartfelt, bittersweet, and uncomfortably endearing.  
The fire that brought these texts into my possession was education blessing enough-the lifetime epitome of Tut and Troy to most scholars.  Some library men would be content to sit behind their musky parchments and read the decades away.  I, however, have had the unique privilege of authenticating these documents as truth.  Of course, that wasn’t until many years later; when Theodore arrived at my office door looking as young as the day we first met.  On the plane to Philadelphia, I never suspected I would arrive at the doorstep of sisters Samantha and Victoria Welshire.  I had read over five hundred years of their tall tales; yet here the startling beauties were, living and breathing before me fangs and all.  Only then did I begin to realize the full extent of this familial coven.  
The academic community may disagree with my claims; but this dark, sensational and unbelievable underground lifestyle has afforded me considerable gains.  Today I live a quiet life among the Welshires, and their vast knowledge of history and the world has blessed me intellectually as well as financially.  In this simple, ignorant time obsessed with youthfulness and beauty, I’ve seen immortal creatures age, know love, feel pain-even die and regain their humanity.  I myself have been able to change; embracing surgeries and procedures I would not have considered before coming to know the Welshires.  With no evil or nefarious means, this vampire knowledge and power has made me a new man inside out.  It’s something I could never have fathomed before these burned books first came my way..... 

 Shop Love: Ann and the Viking, the debut title in the FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family series from Muse It Up Publishing!  $2.50, all ebook formats.  How Awesome, really?

Want more big links?  Visit our Facebook Page for the latest or chat it up on our Release Day Event Page.  Contests may even sneak up on you!

Want more Release Day Fun from the Muse Authors? Visit the Reader's Group for all the hysteria, undead or otherwise!

Stop by and comment, there may be a FREE PRIZE in it for YOU!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

FATE anf FANGS Facebook Event August 5!

Greetings Friends and Fiends! 

Fan, like, or RSS, hehe FEED us and take part in the debut of FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family on our Facebook Event Page!



August 5 Book 1 in the FATE and FANGS series Love: Ann and the Viking will be here!! Many thanks to Muse It Up Publishing!

In addition to all the vampy virtual tour dates, book signings, and real world author appearances, I will also be hosting several FATE and FANGS contests on our Facebook page.  7 books in the series- Love, Punishment, Struggle, Debauchery, Lust, Humanity, Resurrection- that's a lot of opportunity for giveaways!  Keep up to date on all our appearances and events at our Yahoo Calendar Page

Which sways your LOVE? FATE? Or FANGS?

Monday, August 1, 2011

FATE and FANGS is Almost HERE!

FATE AND FANGS: TALES FROM THE VAMPIRE FAMILY tips the scales of righteousness this August with Book 1 in the 7 book series from Muse It Up Publishing, LOVE: ANN AND THE VIKING!

Join Welshire Occult expert PROFESSOR A. JAMES, read his Tales from the Vampire Family and delight in your favorite toothy vampire! Some bloodsuckers just get all the luck, but which one deserves your red hot attention? Meet your Fangful Fate Tonight at Midnight under the Moonlight!

Shall you pleasure ANN, the scorned mistress aided by her lover ERIC or the beautiful,evil,and deadly Welshire enemy LILITH?

But what of ELIZABETH, the unloved wife supported by RAIN, a fearless Kiowa warrior or her debutant daughter VICTORIA, the favorite of father ANTONIO?

Ladies, moody and melodramatic rival brothers JAMES and GASTON are vying for your attention! Can sister SAMANTHA keep them from each other's throats?

Of course, we can't forget STEPHANIE- the alluring doctor straddles the line between Welshire and Lilithan covens. And what of the mysterious MESTIPHLES who seemingly supports veins on both sides?

Where can you dish on the fierce and bloody redemption? Stop by Muse It Up Publishing and sink your teeth into the seven testaments as told by Professor A. James: Love, Punishment, Struggle, Debauchery, Lust, Humanity, Resurrection. Stay up all evening with these night owls as they pine away at their virtual vampy headquarters,

In this haunting world, two things will always bind a vampire: FATE AND FANGS!

The Vampire Family has a long and torrid past, present, and future. In FATE and FANGS, the family's Occult scholar Professor A. James shares vampire vignettes of love, punishment, struggle, debauchery, lust, humanity, and resurrection. In this medieval tale, scorned vampire mistress Ann leaves vampire family patriarch Antonio behind, travels across Britain, and encounters a wayward Viking named Eric. Will Ann accept her true vampiric nature and turn her Nordic lover into a vampire?

Join the virtual vampire celebration with us August 19 for an interview at Chastity Bush's blog or visit us live Wednesday August 24 with the New Jersey Authors Network panel in Cinnaminson, NJ!

You can also catch up with our July interviews from our FATE and FANGS guest days with Cate Masters and Kay Dee Royal!

Find the virtual vampire hysteria in every dark corner of the internet!

Or shop early at our Big Muse It Up Link!