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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rising from the Dark Deluge for a FATE and FANGS CONTEST!

As I'm sure many of my fellow spooky friends are also re-birthing from the wrath of Hurricane Irene, now seems like a good time for some pre-Fall vampy cheer! Contest, anyone?

 Join us on The Vampire Family Facebook page tonight for a chance to win a few treats from our sequel series FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family.

A free pdf copy of Book 1 Love: Ann and the Viking- available now from Muse It Up Publishing- will be up for treat. But wait!  We're also tossing an ecopy of Book 2!  Punishment: Lilith's Trials can be yours before its September 2 street date from Muse It Up!

Can't wait?  Don't want to test your luck? Shop Now or gander at an excerpt here:

Love: Ann and the Viking $2.50

Book 1 is also now available at Smash Words!

And of course Kindle!

Punishment: Lilith's Trials $.99!

In Professor James’ second tale, we share in the pain, suffering, and torment of the Welshire Vampire Family’s beautiful but deadly rival Lilith.  Her mysterious, vile nature and fantastical abuses are put on trial as the demonic advocate Mestiphles plays judge, jury, and executioner from his wicked Void of darkness and pain.  Is it wrong to delight in the just, even deserving torture Lilith receives? Will she learn and apply the cruel lesson Mestiphles teaches?


If you can't catch up with your FATE and FANGS tonight, no fear!  We have plenty more contest planned throughout the series' releases.  And  you can always can us anytime day or night- but mostly at night- at any of our usual haunts.

Ghastly fans can also find me at the decidedly ghoulish new social website, GHOUL TOOL!  Hopefully we will be scheduling a few chats with several of my fellow scary Eternal Press and Muse It Up Authors.

If you missed our interview with Chastity Bush, you can still stop by and follow her blog, too.

Before all the crazy floods and tropical torment, I also took part in the New Jersey Authors Network's panel on Getting Published at the Cinnaminson Library.  It was awesome!  There was just the right number of authors on the panel and guests looking for tricks of the trade for it to be casual and fun!  Another event is scheduled in Cinnaminson September 17, but my next live NJAN event will be the double bill Saturday October 15 at the Moorestown and Voorhees Libraries.  Visit the NJAN website for a complete list of upcoming treats!

Virtually, you can find a little Love and Punishment just about everywhere!

9/2 Punishment Release Day at the Muse It Up Readers Group
9/8 Fangtastic Books Guest Day
9/12 Blog Day with Beth Ann Masarik

9/14  9 p.m. Live Chat at Two Lips
9/20 9 p.m. Muse Authors Live Chat at Coffee Time Romance

Night Owl Romance Fans can also find us this month in their new monthly Magazine!  Woot.  Much more to come and this has become quite a long post with lots of little lists and linkies so I'll just stop there!


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