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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vampire Family Halloween Contest Shocker!

Well now I've gone and done it! Check out Shiela Stewart's Halloween Spookfest Blog and you'll see my contest announcement! Anyone up for a free promo edition of the complete The Vampire Family Book on CD?

Here's the direct link to my days' posts with Shiela

A little weird, but it makes it easier for me to post comments. Nothing wrong with weird, especially this time of year!

Ok, so the particulars! I've got a handful of promo The Vampire Family Book on CD editions left over, so why not join The Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group for YOUR chance to win a copy?

http://groups. group/kristinbat testella

On Halloween, October 31, well the contest will end then because it just wouldn't be any fun otherwise!

The Vampire Family by Kristin Battestella

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween Spook Fest Appearance

Ha! It's October, of course The Vampire Family is in demand, even though we are returning to e publishing in 2008 with Eternal Press!

Can't wait till then? Get your vampy fix at Shiela Stewart's First Halloween Spook Fest Blog!

All this week fun stuff is going on, including a special The Vampire Family by Kristin Battestella day all day Wednesday, October 24! Surprises instore, I assure. is where its at all this week!

Tuesday, October 23rd : Sylvia Shults
Wednesday, October 24th: Kristin Battestella
Thursday, October 25th: Koko Brown
Friday, October 26th: Sheryl Nantus
Saturday, October 27th: Karen Wiesner
Sunday, October 28th: Sloan McBride
Monday, October 29th: Catherine Chernow
Tuesday, October 30th: Carol McCloud/Lynn Crane
Wednesday, October 31st: Samantha Sommersby

Don't forget you can always find The Vampire Family at!

See you Wednesday!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Get Ready for Horror Movie Marathons with Yours Truly!

Hey gang.

I'm seeing a lot of posts on groups and forums about horror movie marathons. It is the right time of year certainly! This year we've made things simply by sticking to series-Nightmare on Elm Street anyone?

Anywho, I've posted new reviews at the For Flying Servants Only Blog. the new Halloween, both House on Haunted Hills, Wolf Creek, The Exorcist, and last year's The Wicker Man.

Here's how to get to the reviews:

Visit the Blog at Most recent entries are first, or you can use the search box in the upper right hand corner and browse for previous reviews or click on the reviews catergory and read them all!

Alternatively, you can go to and see a work in progress list of films, books, and television reviews I've done.

Hope this helps with your Halloween marathons. Feel free to join the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group and share your commentary!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tis the Season for The Vampire Family!

Howdy all! I'm not letting this stupid summer weather stop me!

Need the Vampy news on everything and nothing?

I’m in negotiations with Eternal Press for new e book publiation and possible print options for The Vampire Family!!

Naturally, signing on to Eternal Press would mean the end of the FSO pdf download option of The Vampire Family. If you don’t want to be without them I suggest you buy now before the link is gone!

Check back to FSO for some review updates, both my own work and some new Vampfam press. New photos from the Collingswood fest will be online, eventually, too.

And but of course in the midsts of all this writingness, I’m also going to the PA Renn Faire. Woohoo.

Do give some love to Skylar Sinclair and the original Vampire Family cover!