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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Vampire Hibernation!

Sunshine Greetings, my fledglings!

Catch The Vampire Family while you can next week with the New Jersey Authors Network!  I'll  be on the panel for the "So You Want to Be a Writer" seminar 6 p.m. Tuesday June 17 at the Heggan Public Library in Sewell along with Jordanna East, Jane Luder, Jennifer Eaton, Brian McKinley, and moderator Laura Kaighn.

After that, however, this vamp writer is going to be neck deep in editing and more manuscripts, so we're on slim pickins for appearances until September! This will be the first major break I've had in promotions and events since the Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family series began way back in 2011! I've already slacked back on events after a particularly kooky winter, and I certainly need the hibernation, because October is already packed, packed, packed as always! 

Remember you can stay up to date and join in on the Family fun at our Facebook page!

And don't forget all of the Vampire Family books are available in ebook and kindle formats on Amazon! Big linky....

Till then, you can also read up on our film and television reviews or macabre interviews and podcasts at Horror!