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Sunday, February 27, 2011

FATE and FANGS Book 1 Cover Debuts!

Your FATE is beckoning you...

Behind the scenes work on our upcoming sequel series FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family as told by Professor A. James has begun!  

Thanks to our wonderful Muse It Up Publishing Cover Artist Suzannah Safi, here is the cover for Book 1 of the FATE and FANGS series, Love: Ann and the Viking, debuting this August!

In this medieval tale, scorned vampire mistress Ann leaves vampire family patriarch Antonio behind, travels across Britain, and encounters a wayward Viking named Eric.  Will Ann accept her true vampiric nature and turn her Nordic lover into a vampire?  

Which would you choose, FATE or FANGS? Shall you pleasure ANN, the scorned mistress aided by her lover ERIC or the beautiful, but evil and deadly Welshire enemy LILITH?  But what of ELIZABETH, the unloved wife supported by RAIN, a fearless Kiowa warrior or her debutant daughter VICTORIA, the favorite of her father ANTONIO

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Stay tuned this month for the rest of our juicy book covers in the FATE and FANGS series!

Until then, keep your FANGS sharp...