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Friday, May 29, 2009

June Dates with The Vampire Family!

Don't deny you wouldn't mind an evening or two with some alluring, ageless vampires! Here's a few upcoming appearances for myself and The Vampire Family. You can view a complete list of chats, groups, and live appearances at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group.

6/1 EP Authors at Cover 2 Cover Loop
6/3 EP Live Chat 9 p.m. est at Romance Junkies
6/4 Kristin Battestella at Fallen Angels Loop
6/5 EP at the Love and Romance Cafe Group
6/9 Kristin at the EP Blog's Paranormal Day
6/20 Eternal Press visits Talking Two Lips Loop
6/26 EP at The Haunt Yahoo Group

Don't forget we're also spreading the 'Eternal Press New Jersey Author Love' with a collaborative blog and group dates with Leigh Wood. Get a sneak peak of her sf erotica On The Way To New Isosceles at her blog.

6/13 Leigh Wood at the Amethyst Winter Loop
6/16 Leigh Wood at the Kristin Battestella Group
6/17 EP Erotica Authors at the Romance Bistro After Dark
6/18 Eternal Press Authors at the Rites of Romance

~On The Way To New Isoceles
by Leigh Wood
Coming Soon from Eternal Press!

The Vampire Family
by Kristin Battestella
Now in Ebook or Paperback

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Visit with The Vampire Family Today and Tomorrow!

Hey gang, why be out on a cold spring night when you can be indoors amid The Vampire Family's embrace? Stop in for a visit with us tonight-it's Paranormal Day at the Eternal Press Author's Blog!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 13, you can also hang out with myself, Leigh Wood, and the rest of the Eternal Press gang at the Amethyst Winters Yahoo Loop.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sex and Vampires Today, Oh My!

It's not often that I say Good Morning to all my spooky peeps, so Good Morning!

Today you can catch us at two locations, yowza! Belinda McBride is having a special Halloween in May escapade at her blog-such a great idea, isn't it? Today May 5-Cinco de Mayo!- is our spotlight for some juicy bits from The Vampire Family! Here's the direct link:

Once you stop by at Belinda's and drop a comment, you can also catch myself, Leigh Wood, and the rest of the Eternal Press gang at our latest visit at the Love and Romance Cafe. If you missed us yesterday at the Cover 2 Cover loop, you can still read some of our archived conversations, too.

You can find out the latest from Eternal Press authors anytime at the EP Authors Blog. Look for us to drop by Tuesday May 12 for Paranormal Day! I might even be talking sequel news ;0)

Naughty fans should also check out my revamped livejournal page. This summer myself and erotica author Leigh Wood are making a joint venture there, so drop on by!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Forthcoming May Dates for The Vampire Family!

Stay indoors and beat the heat with The Vampire Family this month!

Hello vampish peeps! I really love being able to talk to readers and interactive virtually with everyone, so stop by any one of the following dates and hang with me and my Eternal Press release The Vampire Family! We're available in ebook or paperback, whatever your (blood)type.

5/4 Eternal Press at Cover 2 Cover Loop
5/5 Eternal Press at the Love and Romance Cafe
5/5 Kristin Battestella Guest Blogging at Belinda McBride's Halloween in May Bash!
5/12 Eternal Press Authors Paranormal Blog Day
5/13 Amethyst Winters and Co Loop Day with Eternal Press
5/16 EP at Talking Two Lips Group
5/20 EP at the Brenda Williamson Party Loop
5/21 Eternal Press at the Love and Romance Cafe
5/23 Leigh Wood at Rites of Romance Group
5/27 Leigh Wood visits Romance Bistro After Dark Loop
5/29 Eternal Press at The Haunt Yahoo Group
6/1 Eternal Press at Cover 2 Cover Loop
6/3 Eternal Press 9 p.m. Live Chat at Romance Junkies

So, maybe vampires aren't you're type? New Eternal Press erotica author Leigh Wood will be taking over The Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group this June. Check out her blog for frank chat and naughty excerpts. Stay up to date on her sf erotica On The Way To New Isosceles by subscribing or following Leigh!

It will be October and vampire time soon enough!

The Vampire Family by Kristin Battestella available in Paperback! Search Amazon ISBN-10: 192664722X

Our ebook is available at our Eternal Press page and Fictionwise, now partnered with Barnes and Noble.

Currently I'm working on polishing up a few short stories and first person accounts set in The Vampire Family universe. Of course, this brews germs for a sequel, so stayed tuned!

You can always find us at The Vampfam Blogger, Subscribe or follow us for the latest or sign up at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group for the latest!

You can Myspace us, too!