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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Join FATE and FANGS for the Muse Online Writer's Conference!

Welcome welcome to readers, writers, aspiring authors, and anyone else otherwise and inbetween! Don't forget you'll have not 1, but 2 chances to chat and win a few Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family treats as part of this year's Muse Online Writer's Conference!

Firstly, help me and my fellow Muse Authors celebrate out Publisher's Anniversary with a Biggest Mostest Chat Party beginning 8 pm est Saturday October 1nd! 

Then as part of one of many workshops and events, me, Kristin Battestella, will  be hosting a fun little chat contribution to the Muse Online Conference 9 pm est Tuesday October 4.

Fans, professionals, newbies, young and old are welcome for our Trends in Horror Literature Chat Discussion! Authors are welcome to share their paranormal writing experience in what's hot- zombies? vampires?- or what's not.  Readers feel free stop by and share what you want in your creepy literature, too! What works, who's buying, and why. A little some something for us paranormal/dark fantasy/horror enthusiasts since Halloween is nigh!

To close September, don't forget we're also featured in Night Owl Magazine this month, and look for our latest interview with Fallen Angel Reviews to be online soon!

Fate and Fangs: Tales from The Vampire Family- Feel love, experience punishment, know struggle, indulge the debauchery, crave lust, learn humanity, face resurrection, and choose: Fate or Fangs?  As always, you know where to find us!

Feed and Fiend (hehe) us at your preferred location for the very latest on Book 3 in the FATE and FANGS series.  Struggle: Elizabeth in America hits this October!  Squeeeeee

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Chances to Chat with FATE and FANGS!

Our last chat at Coffee Time Romance really rocked! Prize winners Patti and Jerry- recipients of free ecopies of Fate and Fangs would have to agree! 
Did you miss out on our recent live conversations at Two Lips and Coffee Time? Never fear!  You can chat upon your Fate and Take up your Fangs with any of the following opportunities! 

Sunday Oct 2 7 p.m. Our Muse It Up Anniversary Chat Party 10/2 Muse Anniversary Chat Party

Tuesday Oct 4 9 p.m. Trends in Horror Literature Muse Online Conference Chat Discussion

Thursday Oct 13 10 pm est Horror and  Vampire Film and Literature Chat at Ghoul Tool

Tuesday Oct 18 9 pm Coffee Time Romance Paranormal Chat Night
Tuesday Oct 25 9 pm Coffee Time Halloween Free for All Chat

And of course, don't forget to see me Kristin Live October 15 at two separate New Jersey Authors Network Panels at the Voorhees and Moorestown Libraries!


Monday, September 19, 2011


Attention readers and writers of paranormal romance and spooky sexy! You know who you are, admit it.

Come one come all- living, dead, undead- this Tuesday September 20 and join the Muse Authors at 9 p.m. in the Coffee Time Romance Tuesday Night Chats. 

Myself, Kristin, Sara Durham, and Jerry Race are scheduled with paranormal talk, romance prizes, and a few more sur-prizes in store!
Get it? Okay, bad pun.

I'll of course be sharing the
Love, Punishment, and Struggle in my new FATE and FANGS: Tales from the Vampire Family series. Stop by for your chance to win a free e copy or two!

Hope to See you there! 

Our next live chat will be 9 p.m. Tuesday October 4 as part of the Muse Online Conference.  Now, it's not all about Fate and Fangs of course!  I'll be discussing trends in horror literature and writing, too. 

Big Link! 

Remember to stay up to date on all our appearances, bookmark or hehe feed any of our preferred locations:

Here's a quick list of upcoming dates and treats

9/20 9 p.m. Coffee Time Romance Muse Authors Chat
10/1 Collingswood Book Festival
10/4 9 p.m. Horror Trends Chat at the Muse Online Writers Conference
10/7 Kristin Battestella Muse Blog Spooky Month Guest Day
10/12 Guest Day at Dawn's Reading Nook
10/13 10 p.m. Ghoul Tool Live Chat
10/14 Guest Day with Kay  Dee Royal
10/15 NJ Author Network Panels at the Moorestown and Voorhees Libraries!

Whew!  That's enough for now.  I have to put up the rest of my Halloween Decorations!

Monday, September 12, 2011

More FATE and FANGS and Some LOVE and PUNISHMENT, too!

As the Harvest Moon rises, the virtual whirlwind of my new series from Muse It Up Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family keeps rolling along!

Stop by Beth Ann Mararik's website today and read not ONE excerpt but TWO from Book 2 Punishment and the upcoming episode 3 Struggle: Elizabeth in America

Thanks for having us Beth!  For those that missed us, you can still read up on our latest interview with Roxanne Roads at Fang Tastic Books!  Look for us also this month as part of Roxanne's column in Night Owl Magazine!

Yes yes, excerpts and interviews are just dandy, but does anyone else want to get down and spooky with some interactive delights? Be careful what you wish for!  Join me for a Chat double header this month!

Wednesday September 14 9 p.m. at Two Lips Reviews

Tuesday September 20 9p.m. at Coffee Time Romance with my fellow Musers

For our fans on Goodreads, Punishment: Lilith's Trials is now listed!

And remember you can find us anywhere, for you cannot escape FATE and FANGS!

Friday, September 2, 2011


It's here! It's here! 

Now that we got all that Love out of the way in the first episode of my new vampire series at the Muse, Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family ;0) it's time for some good old fashioned pain, suffering, and torment!  Who is with me?

In Professor James’ second tale, we share in the pain, suffering, and torment of the Welshire Vampire Family’s beautiful but deadly rival Lilith.  Her mysterious, vile nature and fantastical abuses are put on trial as the demonic advocate Mestiphles plays judge, jury, and executioner from his wicked Void of darkness and pain.  Is it wrong to delight in the just, even deserving torture Lilith receives? Will she learn and apply the cruel lesson Mestiphles teaches?

Pick up your copy- in ebook formats or kindle- of Punishment: Lilith's Trials for the sweet serial price of 99 cents!

Join the 'Punishment Party' hehe at any of your preferred locations.

As we're a 7 book series with the Muse, it might be easier to use the fancy likes, rss feeds, and things like that to follow us.  No need for anyone to miss out on any of our contests and freebies!  I just posted a post-Hurricane contest on our facebook page and have to email the winners some pdf prizes!

So, out of curiosity, which would you choose? Love or Punishment? Need a sample?

“You can’t do this to me.  You need me!”

Despite her fair hair and white garb, her voice was ugly, cold, and black as her heart, which was itself equal to the dark void beyond her captive light.  Unfortunately, Lilith still did not yet know her boundaries.  Not that it mattered.  Give me another reason to continue her suffering thus!  Though tempted to remove her biting cries forever, I only briefly smote down her banshee voice.  In one blue flash, her next words were silent.  Her mouth moved, and moved forcefully.  Her putrid eyes bulged and her skeletal neck flexed with screams that reached no ears in the void or anywhere hence.  Again, it was only a moment or two that I pained Lilith so; but a great deal of hours also passed between our place and yours.  She felt them both—the instantaneous agony of short, clipping pain as well as the long, torturous suffering.  Both then, was my delight fleeting and long yet gratifying......