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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Horror Addicts Guide to Life is HERE!!!

Greetings my Hungry F(r)iends!

Fellow fans of the horror genre, the's Horror Addicts Guide to Life anthology is Available NOW!!!

Remember, several reviews, lists, and articles from Yours Truly are among the ghoulish goodies here! 

Here's the Blurb and Where to Buy:

Horror Addicts Guide to Life – Available Now!


Cover art by: Masloski Carmen
Editor: David Watson

Do you love the horror genre? Do you look at horror as a lifestyle? Do the “norms” not understand your love of the macabre?

Despair no longer, my friend, for within your grasp is a book written by those who look at horror as a way of life, just like you. This is your guide to living a horrifying existence. Featuring interviews with Midnight Syndicate, Valentine Wolfe, and The Gothic Tea Society...

Authors: Kristin Battestella, Mimielle, Emerian Rich, Dan Shaurette, Steven Rose Jr., Garth von Buchholz, H.E. Roulo, Sparky Lee Anderson, Mary Abshire, Chantal Boudreau, Jeff Carlson, Catt Dahman, Dean Farnell, Sandra Harris, Willo Hausman, Laurel Anne Hill, Sapphire Neal, James Newman, Loren Rhoads, Chris Ringler, Jessica Robinson, Eden Royce, Sumiko Saulson, Patricia Santos Marcantonio, J. Malcolm Stewart, Stoneslide Corrective, Mimi A.Williams, and Ron Vitale. With art by Carmen Masloski and Lnoir.

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After my Radiovision interview next week, we're going to celebrate with the A Novel Idea Bookstore in Vineland this May! 

See you soon!