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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where to Buy FATE and FANGS!

Hello Hello my little vampy vixens!

Are you worried you missed out on our guest spots for Love: Ann and the Viking, Book 1 in the new FATE and FANGS series from Muse It Up Publishing?  Did you think you can't chat it up with us on Facebook because our Release Day has come and gone? Gasp! Do you think you can't get FATE and FANGS in the ebook format you need?

Hogwash, witch's warts, and evil toads, NO!

You CAN find us again Friday August 19 for an exclusive interview with Chastity Bush!

MEET WITH ME, Kristin, and fellow New Jersey Authors Jon Gibbs, Mickey Flagg, and Wally Eckoff  7 P.M. WEDNESDAY AUGUST 24 at the Cinnaminson Library, 1619 Riverton Road for a special 'Getting Published' symposium

Kindle? Check. Sony? Check. The Love: Ann and the Viking ebook format for any desire!

Muse It Up
Amazon Kindle

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Book Strand

All Romance E Books
While you're at it, Fanging it up for your Kindle and all, don't forget to spice up your science fiction with a read from our fellow NJ author Leigh Wood!

And just think, there's More to come!And of course, you can always, ALWAYS chat it up at any of our magical Facebook links, blogs, livejournal, feeds, fan, friends, LIKE LIKE LIKE, BUY BUY BUY!

Join us! No blood necessary for the participation in any Vampire Family events.  Yet!

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