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Monday, November 7, 2011

Debauchery Spotlight and Giveaway!!!

Per Merriam-Webster:

Debauchery- an extreme indulgence in sensuality without virtue or duty. Synonyms include corruption, vice, depravity, immorality, iniquity, licentiousness, sin...

You know you want it!

Have your chance at all the excess and glory and enter to win your very own FREE e copy of Debauchery: Victoria's Burning, Fate and Fangs Tale 4 as part of our weeklong virtual spotlight with Cate Masters!

Don't forget you can revel with Fate and Fangs personally along with the rest of the Muse gang 9 p.m. Wednesday November 16 at Two Lips Reviews.

Indulge yourself this Thanksgiving day or night and without breaking your holiday budget!


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