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Monday, October 8, 2012

Where to Shop for Fate and Fangs!

Although you can't exactly buy your Fate at the supermarket and finding the right pair of Fangs is a selective measure for some this Halloween season, you can indeed shop for Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family at your preferred e book store!

In addition to the sales and discounts happening at this very moment thru our publisher Muse It Up Publishing, you can always find us on Amazon and Kindle

However, did you know our old school vampires are also available for Nook, Sony Reader, and Kobo? Yes, yes! (wow, that's a nice and short link!)

But wait! There's More!!

All Romance E books

and BookStrand

^Now there's a storefront I like.  Short, sweet, memorable, affordable. Fate and Fangs.

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