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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Free Fate, Free Fangs!!

Hello Hello My October Lovelies!!!!

For those looking for more Virtual Haunts, Stop by our good friend Cate Masters' blog today for a special Halloween Bash!

And what's so special about Today's part of the Bash? We're It!!!

Not only can you get a excerpt of Fate and Fangs Book 2 Punishment: Lilith's Trials, but some of our personal cemetery photos are on display. Oh, and did I mention you can comment and enter into a giveaway for your chance to win a FREE E COPY of your choice in the Fate and Fangs series?! 

Awesome I know.  Want More?

Visit our Facebook page for mayhem from the 11th Annual Witches Ball.  If you missed out, never fear, you have another chance to pick up your autographed copy of The Vampire Family at our next New Jersey Authors Network seminar Saturday October 20 at the Atlantic County Library in Galloway.

So many vampires, not enough days in October!

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