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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Humanity, Ebook and Kindle Available NOW!!!


Welshire brother Gaston is trying to move on with his life now that the Vampire Family is human again for Professor James’ sixth chronicle.  Unfortunately, Gaston’s sister Victoria cannot cope with the change and turns to her former fledgling Caine for unfulfilling excess and access.  Should their pregnant sister Samantha risk the journey to London- and the lives of her unborn children- to save what’s left of The Vampire Family?

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The surgeons wrapped Samantha in a canopy of blue sheets and hooked her up to machines.
“Scalpel,” The masked doctor ordered.

The shiny silver glinted in his hand, then it dove in. Blood soaked the sheets and dyed them purple. Through some of our lost magic still remaining, I spaced out of the operating room. Memories not my own, thoughts and recollections of my Father I still held. From his dying breath to his most treasured moment, I saw my Mother. I saw my mother giving birth to me.

Antonio had been there, and there I was small and bloody and screaming. The vision was black and white, but red blood was everywhere. My mother’s eyes were fading, yet she was lovely, angry, happy, and sad all at the same time. She gasped her last breath, and I heard my own baby cry.


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