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Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!!

You know you are one type of person or the other, superstitious or not.  So who else is keeping the spooky end up today, all day, with Fate and Fangs?

Heather Haven that's who!!!
Not only is my fellow Muse It Up Author in the unlucky spirit, but she calls me gorgeous! Gorgeous!!

And let's not forget the equally gorgeous Margaret Fienland.  We chatted it up for a great Fate and Fangs interview Wednesday.  Get the scary scoop!

Look also for our freaky conversating selves again January 17 with Kay Dee Royal!!  You can still catch up on our last visit with Kay Dee, too. be gorgeous or a Goddess of Vampires?  Why not both!

Lastly, for those who have been following my horror reviews, classic spooky analysis, and paranormal television essays over at I Think, Therefore I Review, a very Big Thank You to you as we near 100,000 hits!! We're over 91,000 today, so muchas gracias for taking the time out to visit and comment! We've also added a new 'Donate' button if you're feeling extra, extra generous!!

Then again, picking up your preferred ecopy or kindle edition of any one of the Fate and Fangs series is mighty generous too!

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