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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Virtual and Live- Be Part of The Vampire Family!

Ah, Halloween draws near!  I love this time of year when even the tamest How Do You Do folks are out and about with pumpkins and black cats!

Fortunately, you can find me, Fate and Fangs, and the rest of The Vampire Family 10 p.m. est Tonight Thursday October 13 at the horror social site Ghoul Tool.  We'll be chatting about- what else- vampires in film and literature!

Never fear if you miss tonight, if we get a good crowd with juices aflowing, we'll continue on with several more spooky Thursday conversations!  We'll also be talking creepy at Coffee Time Romances' next two Tuesday night chats.  9 p.m. October 18 is their paranormal hulabaloo and 9 p.m. October 25 is their Halloween free for all!

As to our virtual vampy bends, we've spend time this week at Loves Books and More, and we'll be terrorizing our friend Kay Dee Royal again Tomorrow!  Next week, of course, we're coming for Chastity Bush and Brynna Curry.  Beware!

And but of course, don't forget myself and several fellow NJ authors will be appearing not once, but twice for your delectable desires!  Join the NJ Author's Network Panel Q&A 11 a.m. Saturday October 15 at the Moorestown Library.  Following at 2 p.m. will be the NJAN Nuts and Bolts of Writing Seminar at the Voorhees Library.  If you are in the Tri-State area and are interesting in writing tips, then this is for YOU!

Lastly, if you missed our visit at Fate and Fangs' publisher Muse It Up's Spooky Blog Day, you can still catch up on the Professor, Ann, Elizabeth, naughty vikings, and sexy werewolves with new excerpts here:

Whew! Who wants candy?

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