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Friday, September 17, 2010

Suffer my Wrath, Hackers!

Well fiendish folks!  After all the great news about receiving a publication date at Muse It Up Publishing for our 7 book sequel series FATE and FANGS, we here at The Vampire Family also had a bit of sad news.  Our flagship website For Flying Servants Only....... has been hacked!  How dare you people!

I must be a bad webmistress to the Family!  One day after updating the website for all the FATE and FANGS 2011 campaign glory, we were shot down.  Some of the pages look garbled, incomplete, and cut off; but others shut down Firefox and warn of a malware and download ruthless.  Unfortunately I must advise avoiding our page until we resolve the problem.  Our other blog services, myspace, livejournal, yahoo group, and Facebook pages, fangfully, are running smoothly. 

I suspect there are malicious people out there who just want to diss me, my work, or vamps-whether they be unlike the glitter of Twilight or not.  However, I seriously object to putting a bug on my site that could harm virtual visitors and their systems.  That is just wrong.  Treat people how you wish to be treated!  Would you want one of our vampires to come along and rip your throat out?  I think not! This is what's wrong with the internet.  You put something out to be read and discussed with the intelligent reading public worldwide. You don't expect your attempt at value and entertainment to be vandalized.  Yes, this is virtual vandalism on my intellectual property! How dare you! I know I said it above but it bears repeating!  How dare you!

Sigh, as I said, do join us elsewhere online and check back at to stay up to date on all the FATE and FANGS magic!  I can't say I blame folks for disliking all the mainstream glitter and teen dream that modern vampiric interpretations have brought.  However, we shall continue to present literature of maturity, quality, and most importantly: Scary vampires with bite!

Thank you for your readership!

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