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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Vampire Family Live This Weekend!

Greetings fellow fans of the Macabre!

Remember this weekend you can stop by Bogart's Bookstore in Millville, NJ and say a real life hello to myself and an autographed paperback copy of my Eternal Press horror novel The Vampire Family!

This Halloween season you can find us in plenty of virtual locations as well. Here's a quick list, but remember, you can chat with us anytime and see a complete calendar of events at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group. I'm adding more every day!

10/13 Paranormal Day at the Eternal Press Authors Blog
10/16 Kristin's Book Signing at Bogart's Books!
10/19 EP Chat 8 p.m. at Night Owl Romance
10/20 Leigh Wood Guest Day at the Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group
10/23 EP Authors at The Haunt Yahoo Group
10/26 Kristin Guest Blogging at Ginger Simpson's Dishin' It Out!

Here's a quick excerpt in the spirit of the season! Remember you can read more anytime at our blog, or see our first THREE Chapters FREE at our Fictionwise page. Our Amazon page also offers the Look Inside feature for The Vampire Family!

The Vampire Family on Fictionwise

Amazon: The Vampire Family in paperback!

“Tell me, Theodore.” Victoria poured more of the wine. “Do you want to live forever?”

“It is unnatural. If God wanted man to live forever, he would have made our fragile bodies unbreakable.”

“Your fragile body. Not mine.” Victoria poured more of the wine to replenish the already gone last shot. “And didn’t your own Moses and Noah, Abraham and Adam, didn’t they live to be nine hundred and some? Wouldn’t you like to prolong your life as they did?”

“How long?” Theodore asked. All fools want to live a moment longer, especially when they feel they are near the time of death, as Theodore felt he was.

“However long you want.”

“No.” Theodore was a man. “Dying is a part of life. Why prolong the inevitable?”

Victoria drank every last drop from her glass and then smashed it in the fire. “You are absolutely right.”

Victoria leaped to Theodore’s side and plunged a piece of broken glass into Theodore’s chest. She held his neck and twisted and turned the glass until it was embedded terribly deep. Theodore gasped at the pain.

“I‘ve pierced your lung. Within the hour, you will die.” Victoria released Theodore, and he fell to the floor on his chest, further embedding the glass.

“How does it feel?” Victoria taunted. “T o know you are a fragile being? A being whose life can be taken at any moment! Your precious God will take you whenever he wants, and no one can change his mind. My God is not like that. He makes me powerful and strong. I can prevent your God from taking you away.”

Victoria picked up another hot shard of glass and slit the palm of her hand. Before she was done making the burning incision, it had healed. Theodore was awed.

“I can take the pain away, Theodore. I can make it so pain can never come to you again…if you let me.”

I need to get cracking and upload my pictures from the Collingswood Book Fest! If you want a picture with yours truly, stop by 6 to 8 p.m. Friday October 16 at Bogart's Bookstore and Cafe!

See you soon!


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