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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vampire Tagging Already!

Hello Pale friends.

I've been tagged! Although I don't really know what that means blog-wise, kind of like an evil chain of Eternal Press Authors, eh? Alas, I'll tell you six secret things about myself, per fellow author Tabitha Shay. Check out her awesome blog and the nice things she has to say about The Vampire Family at Fall Under My Spell.

So, here we go:

1. I just moved to Mount Laurel, NJ. Still getting used to the area and trying to find some writing time as I get settled. I like the area and its close to my husband's work (there's another new thing, yes I got married if you didn't know!) but its weird to live in a new place. I've got the condo decked out for Halloween, putting my spooky stuff for writing shows and expos to work: black roses, lots of candles, skulls, you know, the usual!

2. I have Lyme Disease. A few of my e friends know this, but it's an unusual illness to have. Sometimes it really interferes with my life and other times I'm just peaches. It's also really frustrating having to explain Lyme to people who don't know about it. It's a very misunderstood disease. I think everyone should get checked for it! For more info, check out

3. My current favorite actor is Sean Bean. Another thing most people say, 'Who? Huh? Mr. Bean?' about. All time though I love Montgomery Clift and John Wayne, and my husband was annoyed when all I could do on our honeymoon was talk about Paul Newman's death. My Favorite Movie of all time most ever ever Ever? The Searchers. Never hurts to reiterate these things.

4. I'm a collector, too, isn't everyone? I collect crosses and records, and I suppose books. My mother must be the only person in the world who has given her child money and said, 'Don't buy any more books.' I don't think books are collections though. They are BOOKS. My husband was worried we wouldn't have space for all of mine, but three bookcases later, I made them all fit. And I have to categorize them and shelf them from tallest to shortest. I've also managed to have at least one cross in every room. I used to have one at every window and door. but the oney thinks that's too many. And the records are allegedly ugly, too.

5. I hate cell phones. Sure its useful, but my phone is on when I need to call home in the morning, off when I drive, and on when I call home at the end of the day. I hate it when people drive and talk on the phone. The only thing worse is when people talk on the phone in a check out line. I worked in retail for a few years. It's very tough to do business with cell phones. And ipods. I don't get those. Why go to a public place to converse with other human being if you put plugs in your ears to not hear anything? Am I old fashioned? I had to champion the uses of a record player and classic ambiance in my dining room.

6. I like to cook. I like ironing and sewing. I like being a homemaker and I like being at home. Sure I write a lot of articles about what's wrong with the world and encourage people to be all gung ho! But I enjoy my home and making everyone Italian with proper cooking. Guests will just have to learn to like garlic!

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